Formal launch of Kishan Suvidha Pre Paid Card Is Live Now

Saurabh Mitra, Director of Chamber of Business and Interpreneur India Council, launched the Kisan Suvidha Pre Paid Card in a press conference at the Press Club of India, New Delhi. He said that Kisan Mitras have been appointed to implement this campaign in the whole country and they will go from village to village to make farmers aware about this scheme and make them aware of all the benefits associated with this scheme. This is a very good scheme and soon this scheme will be implemented all over India and farmers will get its benefit soon.

It will take On this occasion, Saurabh Mitra told that through this card, farmers across the country will not only be able to buy fertilizers and seeds at reasonable prices, but they will also be able to buy tools and equipment used in farming at reasonable prices. Saurabh Mitra told reporters that this Kisan Suvidha Card is very good and through this, farmers will be able to take small loans immediately from government recognized NBFC company. This will save them from the clutches of moneylenders. The benefits of various government schemes can also be availed through the Kisan Suvidha Card. At the same time, farmers will also be entitled to government concessions.

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