Agriculture Inputs

Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides, etc.

Market Information

Commodity Prices, Demand Forecasts, etc.

Financial Services

Loans, Insurance, Savings, Crop Insurance

Advisory Services Practice

Expert advice on farming practices, Technologies, etc.

E-commerce Platform

Access to a wide range of farming tools, equipment, and products

Storage and Warehousing

Facilities for storing and preserving farm produce.

Transportation & Logistics

Efficient and cost-effective transport options for farm produce.

Government Schemes

Information on various government schemes and subsidies available to farmers.

Training and Education

Programs to educate and train farmers on modern agricultural practices.

Weather Information

Real-time weather updates and forecasts to help farmers plan their crops and activities.

Kisan Suvidha Centers

Kishan Suvidha Kendra
Kishan Suvidha Mitra




Kisan Suvidha

Welcome to the Kisan Suvidha website, a running by Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur (India) Council (CBEIC). Our mission is to support and empower farmers across the country by providing access to a wide range of services and benefits.

Kishan Suvidha is backed by the Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur (India) Council, which supports entrepreneurship and innovation in India. The project promotes financial inclusion and makes farmers an integral part of India's digital economy.

At Kishan Suvidha, we believe that every farmer in India deserves access to essential services and tools to increase productivity and profitability. We are committed to supporting farmers and transforming the agricultural sector in India by providing a range of services that help farmers make informed decisions about farming activities.

About Services

  1. Easy access to a range of services and resources for farmers.
  2. Efficient and reliable technology platform for transactions and communication.
  3. Strong partnerships with leading organizations in the agriculture and related industries.
  4. Focus on sustainability and long-term benefits for farmers.
  5. Comprehensive support for farmers throughout the agricultural cycle.
  6. Commitment to transparency and accountability in all operations.
  7. Dedicated team of professionals with expertise in agriculture, technology, and finance.
  8. Emphasis on innovation and continuous improvement to meet changing needs of farmers.
  9. Extensive reach across the country to support farmers in every region.
  10. Customer-centric approach to deliver maximum value to farmers.
  1. Financial Services: Kisan Suvidha can provide farmers with access to financial services such as loans, insurance, and savings accounts.

  2. Agricultural Inputs: Kisan Suvidha can provide farmers with access to high-quality seeds, fertilizers, and other agricultural inputs that are necessary for increasing productivity and profitability.

  3. Market Information: Kisan Suvidha can provide farmers with timely and accurate market information, including price trends, demand forecasts, and supply chain analysis, which will help farmers to make informed decisions and sell their produce at the right time and place.

  4. Extension Services: Kisan Suvidha can offer extension services to farmers, including training and advice on best practices for crop management, soil health, pest control, and other aspects of agricultural production.

  5. Technology Services: Kisan Suvidha can leverage technology to provide farmers with innovative solutions for managing their farms more efficiently and effectively. This could include services such as precision farming, drone-based imaging, and remote sensing.

  6. Access to Markets: Kisan Suvidha can help farmers to connect with buyers and markets, including domestic and international buyers, to increase their income and reach a wider customer base.

  7. Transport Services: Kisan Suvidha can provide farmers with access to reliable and affordable transport services for their produce, ensuring that their products reach the market in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  8. Storage and Warehousing: Kisan Suvidha can provide farmers with access to safe and secure storage and warehousing facilities, allowing them to store their produce for longer periods and reducing post-harvest losses

  9. Value-Added Services: Kisan Suvidha can offer value-added services to farmers, including food processing, packaging, and branding, which will help to increase the value of their produce and generate higher profits

  10. E-commerce Services: Kisan Suvidha can offer e-commerce services to farmers, enabling them to sell their produce online and reach a wider customer base, which can help to increase their income and reduce their dependency on intermediaries.


Here are some possible key milestones for Kisan Suvidha:

  1. Project initiated by the Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur (India) Council (CBEIC)
  2. Launch of the Kisan Suvidha prepaid card for farmers
  3. Establishment of local Kisan Suvidha Centres for farmers to access services
  4. Partnership with Bank of India for banking services
  5. Rollout of digital platforms (app and website) for farmers to access services
  6. Expansion of services to include access to markets, agricultural inputs, and healthcare
  7. Onboarding of a significant number of farmers onto the Kisan Suvidha platform
  8. Positive impact on the lives of farmers, including increased incomes and improved quality of life.

A roll-out plan typically outlines the steps and timelines involved in implementing a project or service. For Kisan Suvidha, the roll-out plan may involve the following steps:

  1. Pilot testing: Initially, Kisan Suvidha could conduct a pilot testing phase in a few selected areas to gather feedback from users, identify challenges, and refine the platform and services based on the results.

  2. Expansion: After successful pilot testing, Kisan Suvidha could expand its services to other areas gradually.

  3. Marketing and outreach: Kisan Suvidha could conduct marketing and outreach activities to inform farmers about its services and benefits, such as organizing awareness campaigns, holding workshops and training sessions, and partnering with agricultural associations and cooperatives.

  4. Partnerships: Kisan Suvidha could establish partnerships with financial institutions, agricultural input suppliers, and other stakeholders to provide a range of services to farmers.

  5. Technology upgrades: As Kisan Suvidha grows and expands its services, it may need to continuously upgrade its technology to keep pace with changing needs and customer requirements.

  6. Feedback and evaluation: Kisan Suvidha could continuously gather feedback from users and stakeholders to evaluate the effectiveness of its services and make improvements accordingly.

The roll-out plan could be tailored based on the specific needs and goals of Kisan Suvidha, and may also involve collaborating with government agencies, NGOs, and other relevant organizations to ensure the success of the project.