Kishan Suvidha Mitra is a dedicated individual who works as a bridge between the farmers and Kishan Suvidha. They are responsible for providing farmers with information about the services offered by Kishan Suvidha and helping them avail these services. Kishan Suvidha Mitras are trained professionals who are well-versed with the various schemes and services provided by Kishan Suvidha.

The primary role of Kishan Suvidha Mitras is to provide end-to-end support to farmers by helping them with the registration process, providing them with information about various schemes, and assisting them with the documentation process. They also provide information on the latest farming practices and technologies, which can help farmers increase their yield and profitability.

Kishan Suvidha Mitras are located in various parts of the country, including rural and remote areas, to ensure that farmers from all regions can access the services provided by Kishan Suvidha. They work closely with the farmers and understand their needs to provide personalized assistance.

In summary, Kishan Suvidha Mitras play a crucial role in empowering farmers by providing them with the necessary information and support to avail the services provided by Kishan Suvidha.