Kisan Suvidha Facilitation Center opened in Barmasia.

(Deoghar)/ The District Center of Kisan Suvidha was inaugurated in Barmasia by Sourav Mitra, Director of Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur Council.

In which, while launching the Kisan Suvidha Prepaid Card, he said that now Kisan Mitra will go from village to village and connect the farmers with this scheme, in this way soon the farmers of the whole country will be able to take advantage of this excellent scheme.

He told that through one card, farmers across the country will not only be able to buy fertilizers and seeds at the right price, but also get the tools and equipment used in farming at reasonable rates. Farmers Government through Kisan Suvidha Card Send Favorite [Small loans] can also be taken from recognized NBFC company and they can be saved from getting trapped in the clutches of moneylenders. Through Kisan Suvidha Card, farmers will also be able to take advantage of various government schemes. They will also be given the benefit of the concession given by the government. Buying and selling can also be done through the card, farmer facility has its own account through which the money will be taken or given.

District Council President Kiran Kumari, State Coordinator Sarwar Khan, State Project Incharge Sushanto Bardhan, Zonal Incharge Ajay Kumar Mehta, District Incharge Ranjit Kumar Mandal, Shivshankar Mandal, Chamber of Commerce Ravi Keshari, Sarath chief Gautam Ramani, Chief Nandkishore Turi, Parshuram were present on the occasion. Verma was present.

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